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Commercial doors are almost impossible to seal. Maintenance departments look to Storm Strips for a comprehensive and permanent seal.

High Density Nylon Brush Seals with Corner Pads

This can be used with, or without, a threshold. Seals drafts on
uneven floors and is, by far, best for mice.

Sturdy Aluminum Retainers with Long-Reach Inserts

In daily use, metal doors begin to sag, warp and rack. This seal 
reaches gaps of 7/8" and it is passive. No hardware adjustment


Normal maintenance tools were used to
seal this industrial door. Alarms, closers and
exit devices are no problem.


Working near a drafty office door is awful. By
installing Storm Strips with the door locked, 
the repair took only 30 minutes.


Apartment doors get pounded from move-ins
and maintenance. Storm Strips eliminates
seasonal seal adjustments -- especially for
elderly tenants.

Lights Off - Shows Leaks

Lights Off - No Leaks After Repair

Lights On - After Repair

Passive materials seal doors when they sag, warp and rack.