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It is easy to install and does a fantastic job. No light or air comes in around the doors after we have installed the door seals at our facility.

Our residents are very pleased with this product because of keeping the cold air from coming in around doors. we had a problem with our residents sticking newspapers around the doors but this has solved that problem.

My maintenance workers like it because it is easy to install and can be easily removed to paint the exterior doors if you need to lock the apartment before paint dries. I do recommend this product.

-- Linda Brooks, Maintenance Supervisor

Prior to our last REAC inspection in August of2011, the housing authority installed a few seals in our units that had "gaps'' in the front doors; all these units passed the REAC inspection and have continued to prevent any "gaps".

The  weather stripping is of high quality and easy to install; in the past, our¬∑maintenance staff were called to specific units on a regular basis, gaps would form from the change of weather, the doors would swell in the winter and shrink in the summer.

In addition to moving the old weather stripping biannually, the maintenance staff would find it necessary to adjust the striker plates on door jambs. Now the seals conform to any gap resulting in no further need for work orders.

Our maintenance staff is very satisfied with this product and will continue to install them on our exterior doors.

-- Barbara Schumacher, Executive Director

I am a maintenance mechanic at our agency. I've been in the construction field for 26 years. I've always worked in renovations, home improvements and home maintenance. This is by far the best weather stripping product I have used.

As an employee of Sweetwater Housing Authority, we installed this system in one of our developments. The doors and frames in this complex are steel. The frames are very out oflevel and the doors warped. We have tried every system we could find, nothing would close the air gaps. This system not only sealed the doors up it also is very durable and easy to install. In roughly half an hour you can seal the most troublesome air leaks. The tenants of the development really appreciate not having to hang sheets or plastic over their doors to keep the cold air out, not to mention the "creepy crawleys" that also used these gaps to come in and out.

I personally would highly recommend this product to any and everyone who would have a need for weather stripping. This will eliminate any further need for searching for the best system. Our entire maintenance department highly recommends the system.

-- Jeff Powell, Maintenance Mechanic